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What Type of Paper is Best for My Bullet Journal? Here’s the Answer

If you’re new to the world of bullet journaling, finding the perfect journal can be a difficult task.

If it’s not picking a cool design, it’s all about what type of paper you need! Though the activity is called “bullet journaling,” you’re not limited to a dotted bullet journal when looking for a new notebook. There are many types of paper to choose from.

While it’s mostly up to your preference, you might find that one works better than the others. Keep reading to find out more about the pros and cons of each type of bullet journal paper.

Dotted Bullet Journals

By far one of the most common types of bullet journals is the dotted bullet journal.

It gives you a nice layout to work with that also leaves you with lots of flexibility. The dotted paper can serve as a guideline for your spreads making it easy to align everything.

It is also a great way to connect diagonal lines together in a beautiful way.

You might find yourself looking to use a ruler with this notebook despite the dots being there as a guide. Unlike other papers, there are no lines connecting the dots together.

Graph Bullet Journals

Graphed journals might give you a throwback to math class, but there’s a reason why many bullet journal lovers turn to this type of paper.

Grid journals are great for creating lines in any direction. Even though the lines only spread horizontal and vertical, this paper makes it easy to create straight lines.

It can also help you with the composition of your bullet journal. Using the grid, you can easily see where things can fit in on the page.

Ruled Line Bullet Journals

Like any standard notebook, ruled line journals are good for standard writing.

But if you want to keep your bullet journal set up horizontally, ruled lines might be the best way for you to go. If you also like to write a lot, whether it’s diary entries or grocery lists, you can do it with ease in this type of journal.

While this type may not be as popular as others, it has a lot of use for the right person.

Blank Bullet Journals

The last type of bullet journal paper is blank paper. This type of paper lets your creativity run wild—something we love to do.

Blank paper knows no limits. You can draw to your heart's content, or cut and paste different elements in. If you’re going for a wavy or curvy spread, you can do it without the limits of lines or dots.

The opportunities are endless!

What Type of Bullet Journal Paper Should You Get?

Now that you know about the four types of bullet journal paper, you can choose a journal that you love.

At Evening Sparkle, our journals can be customized with the type of paper that you prefer. Are you looking for the best journals for bullet journaling? Check out our selection of Canadian-made journals!