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How to Use A Goal Journal to Stay Motivated and on Track

Did you know that setting a due date increases the chance that you will complete that goal by 40%?

Goals help you progress through life achieving things that you could only dream of otherwise. If you can set goals that are achievable, then you’ll set yourself up for success.

One great way to do this is through journaling. Putting goals down on paper and committing to them is only half of the battle!

Are you looking to find out the benefits of goal journals? Keep reading to find out more.

How Can You Start a Goal Journal?

First, you can find a journal that speaks to you. This could be a design that you love or a color that makes you feel motivated. Green is often considered to be a highly-motivational color.

You should also look for a journal that has the type of pages you want. There are many different types that you can choose from, but the standard types are bullet, graph, ruled or plain.

You can also decide on a theme. Use the first page to set an overall goal for your journal. Will you use it for setting work goals or personal goals? If you can decide on this first, it will set the overall purpose for your goal journal.

What Do I Use the Journal Pages For?

When using a goal journal, you can decide what you want on the journal pages. By setting them up to work for you, you'll get all of the benefits of journaling.

If you’re using your journal for work, then you might set a goal for each week. You can have a set up where you keep track of all of the tasks you need to get done in order to treat yourself at the end of the week.

As you progress, you can keep yourself motivated and rewarded by creating little bonuses. This could be something as simple as buying yourself a coffee from your favorite shop instead of making it at home.

If you can set this up on your journal pages, your goals will be easier and faster to achieve. Not only that, but you’ll be able to look back on your journal later and see how productive you were.

There’s really nothing better than looking back at how much you’ve accomplished. Productivity has been proven to make you feel good!

Achieve Your Wildest Dreams With a Goal Journal

By working through your journal pages, you can set attainable goals and make it easier for yourself to reach them. Journaling is a great way to destress while working towards your dreams. Even if you can only take 5 seconds to journal each day, you’ll feel more accomplished.

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